Stranger In Paradise
23-29 October 2009
2016 >>
New Trends in Balinese Creativity (October)
A Grand Farewell for a Great High Priest (September)
Calonarang Season — a star is born (August)
Bali's Expat Beauty Warriors (July)
Water Palaces in the Age of Rajas (June)
Tale of Two Kingdoms (May)
Clouds gathering over the rainbow? (April)
• Ubud’s First Family of Royal Indokrupuk (March)
Bogan Heroes (February)
Peliatan Style (January)


From the end of the Groyne — my Mertasari morning diaries

As published in "NOW! Jakarta Magazine"

Denpasar’s Radical Prince (December)
Expats and the Arts (November)
Women in Bali (October)
Facebook Protocol for Balinese Royalty (Sept)
Amandari’s Classic Bali Film Festival (August)
Bali’s Corner Warung (July)
Bali’s Old Guard (June)
Keeping up with the Pemecutans (May)
Simple Pleasures — Penjors in the mist (April)
Posers in Paradise (March)
Turtle Island Festival in Crisis (February)
Bali’s Blonde Crusaders (January)
2010 >>
Glam-Brams on Parade (December)
“B.T.”: Teen Depression in the Age of Starbucks (November)
Festival Fever (October)
At last…..the Balinese have their say (September)
A Dalang’s Daughter Returns (August)
Vale Terry Stanton (July)
Skala Diskala-Real & Unreal Estate in Bali (June)
Brave New Bali (May)
Ubud Gardens (April)
Buried Treasure&Hindu-Balinese Crusades (Mar)
From Little Perth to the Alila Uluwatu (February)
Frequent Flyer on Maximum Alert (January)
2009 >>
Animal Sacrifices at the Amandari (December)
King of Bamboo John Hardy (November)
Just when you thought it was safe to send your children to Norway (October)
Lip Curl (September)
Mumblers over Mertasari (August)
Bali’s Italian Connection (July)
Bali’s Boy-Priests (June)
Balinese Tourists Abroad (May)
Adventures in Classical Javanese Paradise (Apr)
Prince of Uluwatu’s Big Cremation (March)
I was A Blonde Juror for gay Seminyak Idol (Feb)
Bali's Boy Bands (January)
2008 >>
OCTOBER :The Stranger has been forced into semi-retirement by radical right wing white supremacist Dumb Down Bali faction.
Balinese Wickedness (September)
Indonesia’s Olympic Warriors (August)
• The Smart Money Heads South (July)
Change in Bali (June)
Tenth Full Moon Fever (May)
Earth Culture (April)
Raffles and Muharram: The Bengal – Bengkulu Connection (March)
• Fans of Glory (February)
Red Bull rituals in Post-Majapahit Buleleng (Jan)
2007 >>
Winning New Age Hearts and Minds (December)
Bali loses a favourite son (November)
Festival Fever (October)
Imminent threat of Hinduisation? (September)
The Adventures of Bitty in Bali (August)
Health care in Bali (July)
Ebb and Flow (June)
Security and Humidity (May)
Bali’s Apprentice Priests (April)
The Priestly Princes of Pejeng Palace (March)
The Australian influence (February)
People's Princess, The unofficial, Unabridged "This is your life Carole Muller" (January)

2006 >>
People's Prince rides again (December)
Wheels within wheels (November)
Banyuwangi style (October)
Opunk & Muti unplugged (September)
Is nothing sacred? (August)
Post Zen: Empire Strikes Back (July)
Bali's Hard-working High Priests (June)
Sentries of Grace (May)
Where there's a Willy there's a Wayan (April)
Don't Ask Don't Tell (March)
Hindoo Bali Holiday (February)
Australians trying hard to Impress (January)

2005 >>
Demonic Possession (December)
Mother and father India (November)
Four brothers at a tooth-filing (October)
Martyrs of the Trench (September)
Rise of the Super Bule (August)
Stranger Danger (July)
White supremacist luxury Real Estate magazine of the year 2005 (June)
The Balinese Resistance or Temple Fashion in the Age of 'Ajeg Bali' (May)
Hands across the ocean - and other body parts (April)
Superheroes in Super-Hard Times (March)
Now and Zen (February)
Bali's Artisan Globetrotters (January)
2004 >>
Quietly going native in Kintamani (December)
Natural Progression (November)
Tourists doing It for the Balinese (October)
Ocean views are over-rated (September)
There's more confusion than fusion (August)
Sanur's glorious salad days (July)
Gonzo delivers at military tattoo (June)
Nature’s Own Aristocrats (May)
Goona-goona at the Cinematheque (April)
Behind the Shopping Section (March)
Grimy Margins (February)
People's Prince murders brother in palace tragedy (January)
2003 >>
Bali needs You (December)
Green Angel at Diamond Jubille (November)
Abstract or Real Bali's Unseen World (October)
Terminator4: Revenge of the Bali Lamps (Sept)
Balinese Culture's Chance to Re-Charge (August)
Divine and Semi Divine Surfing (July)
Bali on the Road (June)
Bali's Fabulously non extreme Marine Tourism (May)
The Exodus of Expat Offspring (April)
Eeking Revenge on the Dumbing down of Bali (March)
Placating demons raising Rangda(February)
2002 >>
Carry on Kuta (December) (November)
Gentle giant of the art world presumed lost at sea (October)
Appropriate Dressing (September)
WHAM!! BAM!! Thankyou (Nyo) Man (August)
Would the last Balinese please turn out the lights (July)
Sustainable Hinduism (June)
Bargain Bali (May)
International Bali watch update (April)
Willie goes overboard (March)
The Rat King's grand farewell (February)
The True Heart of Modern Bali (January)
2001 >>
Honouring the Java-Bali Connection (December)
Security in the Region (November)
Love in a warm climate (October)
The President men (September)
North Coast Lovelies (August)
New Bali vs Real Bali (July)
Generations of Graciousness (June)
Easter Dharma Bunnies (May)
How to get Bali back into your Bali (April)
Bali style goes Ballistic (March)
Who are all these people?(February)
Jakarta's Finest (January)
2000 >>
Love is in the air (December)
Bali's Olympic Warriors (November)
The Great Kepaon Juggernaut (October)
Beatification in Bali (September)
Outback Aunty vs New Asia (August)
Mooi Java (July)
Noblesse Oblige (June)
Imports - Exports (May)
Gems of Modern Architecture Balinese Part II (April)
Training Trance Master (March)
Parallel Universes (February)
Rage In the New Millennium (January)
1999 >>
Brave new Archipelago (December)
Not the Royal Cremation (November)
Men in Black Glasses (October)
Amazing Grace (September)
Stranger R.I.P (August)
Interesting Times (July)
Slow death by soft rolls (June)
Diet Karma Kola (May)
Millennium Madness (April)
Merry Priests and Sorry Saviours (March)
Beauty has it's own rules (February)
Angels and Ashes (January)
1997 - 1998 >>
As publised in Bali Kini & Hello Bali
Love as long as your visa lasts & beyond (Jul'98)
Head for the Hills (June'98)
Farewell my lovely (March'98)
Saints and Sinners (February'98)
We Asians want (January'98)
Nothing if not Practical (December'97)
On with the Show (November'97)
Going for Baroque (October'97)
The Balinese Way of Dying (September'97)
1996 - 1997 >>
As publised in Bali Echo & Bali Kini
The Next Generation'08 (May'97)
The Next Generation'07 (March'97)
The Next Generation'06 (January'97)
The Next Generation'05 (November'96)
The Next Generation'04 (September'96)
The Next Generation'03 (July'96)
The Next Generation' 02 (May'96)
The Next Generation'01(March'96)
Death in Bali (January'96)
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2014 >>
Pacitan - Ponorogo (December)
Lombok-Yogyakarta (November)
Tangier-Morocco (October)
Legian, Kuta & Sanur (September)
Destination Tourism (August)
Kerala-Hua Hin (July)
London-Paris-Stockholm-Marrakesh (June)
Banten-Belitung (May)
Bali (April)
Canberra-Cirebon (March)
Vietnam (February)
Blitar - Sydney (January)
2013 >>
Ahmedabad-Solo-Makassar (December)
Bhutan-Sulawesi (November)
Sydney-Bali (October)
Stay Calm — Head North (September)
Cairns (August)
Laos (July)
Tana Toraja, Sulawesi (June)
Yogyakarta (May)
Bali-Kuala Lumpur-Sydney (April)
Pekanbaru, Riau (March) (May)
Lagos, Nigeria (February)
Gresik, East Java (January)
2012 >>
Solo-Yogyakarta-Ahmedabad (December)
Jepara-Central Java (November)
Palu, Sulawesi (October)
Labuan Bajo (September)
Goa, India - Jakarta (August)
Destinations around South Asia (July)
Lombok (June)
Taiwan (May)
Pondicherry, India (April)
Medan, North Sumatra (March)
Lake Toba, North Sumatra (February)
India-Bhutan (January)
2011 >>
Kendari (December)
Bhutan (November)
Tanjung Pinang-Bali (October)
Solo-Kerala-Paris (September)
Hyderabad-Sydney-Bali (August)
Balikpapan-Samarinda-Bali (July)
Mumbai-Balikpapan-Bali (June)
Hyderabad-Sydney (May)
Balikpapan-Bangalore (April)
Bintan-Jakarta-Jogjakarta (March)
Sydney-Bali (February)
Singapore-India-Florida (January)
2010 >>
Bali (Decembere)
Vanuatu - Florida (November)
USA - Bali (October)
Solo, Central Java (September)
Kupang, West Timor (August)
Malang, East Java (July)
Biak Island (June)
Pangkal Pinang, Bangka(May)
Samarinda, Kalimantan (April)
Yogyakarta-Wonosobo (March)
Sydney (February)
Madura-Bandung (January)
2009 >>
Africa (December)
Yogyakarta-Madura (November)
Bandung-Bali-India (October)
Bandung-Sydney (September)
Ahmedabad (August)
Madura Style (July)
Surabaya-Madura (June)
Around the Region (May)
Jakarta (April)
Malang - Blita, East Java (March)
Trowulan, East Java (Februray)
Jakarta-Solo (January)

2007 >>
As publised in 'India Sunday Express'

Agatti, India (8 July)
Mexico City (18 February)


As published in "Bali Daily
News paper"

As published in "NOW! Jakarta Magazine"

As published in "Jakarta Kini
Magazine 2008"

As published in "The Sunday Jakarta Post 2006-2007"

2014 >>
Empowered Expats of Bali (March)

2013 >>
Love Atcherly (November)
The Governor's Vision (October)
Windamere fever (September)

2012 >>
Urban tourism, schoollies & Toolies (December)
My Private Bali-Ho (November)
Rendering and Surrendering (October)
Occupy 'adat'? (August)
Sounds of Paradise (July) (July)
MOCÉ—The Balinese Art of Ugly(June)

2009 >>
Bali’s International Art Community(August)
Semarak Semar, Jakarta (July)
Tante Betty goes to Manado (June)
Around the Region (May)
Elegant Book Launch in Solo (April)
Tante Betty goes to Bali (March)
Balinese house-warming ceremony(February)
Breaking Fashion News: Jakarta(January)

2008 >>
Familiarity breeds content (Nov)
Indo,Indon, Indonkrupuk..a critical appraisal at this point in time (Oct)
Is Bali still Little Java - an Artist's Perspective (September)
Ibu-ibu Gaya (August)

2008 >>
As publised in Lifestyle Travel
Post-Zen Depression (Jul/Aug)
Hindoos on High Beam (May/June)
Winning Over the Cabin Crew (March/April)
Lost in Spas (Jan/Feb)

2006 >>:
Frequent Flyer on High Alert (Dec)

2007 >>
April Edition

2006 >>
July Edition
June Edition
May Edition

2007 >>
Bali’s Moslem Kampung
As not published in the Jakarta Post due to Philistine Junta

2006 >>
Bali-Australia relations..lite (24Dec)
Berata & the Brazier (10Dec)
Nyonya-wear and tear (26Nov)
Clash of Civilizations (12Nov)
More time for Bobby? (29Oct)
A Hindu place for ugly people? (15Oct)
Celestial Nymphs steal show (1Oct)
Busby Berkeley in Banyuwangi (17Sep)
On challenging paradigms (3Sep)
Packaging and Promotion (20Aug)
Bali's Chinese connection (6Aug)
Datin Pauline's Ikebana (23Jul)
The world cup, the oral aphrodisiac
and the tsunami survivor
Holland vs Belgium (25Jun)
Mystics in the mountains (11Jun)
Dayu Siti's last stand Part:2 (28May)
Dayu Siti's last stand Part:1 (14May)
Semi-classic 4the semi-conscious(30Apr)
Invasion of the body-wrappers(16Apr)
The smell of burning shrimp past(20Apr)
Inul's bottoms are to blame (19Marc)
Chastelein's Revenge (5March)

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